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Life Celebrants International is a small organization with a big heart that trains and certifies funeral celebrants. We are licensed and experienced funeral service professionals grateful to offer a learning experience to participants that offers information, insight, experiences and guidance that will prepare them for a future in funeral service.

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The Certified Funeral Celebrant

Our Certified Funeral Celebrants provide gentle and compassionate guidance and support during the difficult process of planning a funeral or life celebration. They understand the needs of grieving families and are dedicated to establishing and nurturing respectful relationships with them. Our Certified Funeral Celebrants are knowledgeable in funeral service history and etiquette, and they have the experience and confidence to speak in front of varied audiences, in any venue. Above all, they are driven by the intention of bringing comfort to those who are grieving and honouring the life of the deceased with love.

Training and Certification

Our online training model is designed to give participants the flexibility to learn in the comfort of their own environment. We provide comprehensive information on a variety of topics, such as funeral service planning, relationship building, and interview and speaking skills. To enhance the learning experience, we also share our personal stories and experiences from our time in funeral service, which provide valuable insight and guidance to our participants. With our online training model, participants can avoid costly travel and hotel expenses and still gain the knowledge and skills needed to succeed in the funeral service industry.

We also offer in-person training that typically occurs at a central location (airport hotel or conference centre).

Our training and certification is recognized by government licensing bodies throughout North America, the Academy of Professional Funeral Service Practice and funeral homes throughout North America.


The Unsung Hero

The Unsung Hero

I remember receiving the call from the funeral home that there was a family in...

About Life Celebrants International

The Life Celebrants International training program first began when the need for trained, skilled funeral celebrants was identified due to an increase in families desirous of something different than a traditional, religious based ceremony. Life Celebrants International understands the importance of ceremony and connecting with family, friends, and the community in times of loss. Our training program is designed to equip celebrants with the skills and knowledge they need to provide meaningful, personalized services that honor and celebrate the life of the person who has passed. Our story-based approach to learning helps to ensure that celebrants are equipped to create meaningful and memorable services for those who have lost a loved one. We believe in providing the best possible training and support to those who choose to become a funeral celebrant, so that they can provide the highest quality services to the families and communities they serve.

At Life Celebrants International, we believe that love and compassion should be at the heart of our mission. Our certified Funeral Celebrants are trained to bring comfort and solace to families and communities during difficult times. We share our knowledge, experience, and techniques to ensure that each Life Celebrant is equipped to offer quality service to those in need. We are devoted to providing a compassionate, caring, and respectful experience for all.