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Life Celebrants International is a team of experienced funeral professionals serving current and future funeral professionals. We are proud to offer a quality educational experience to each participant ensuring they are completely satisfied and appropriately qualified to serve families as funeral officiants. Life Celebrants International TM advocates the importance of ceremony and funeral service in our culture as a forward step in the healing process. Browse through our site and learn more about all Life Celebrants International has to offer.

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The Certified Funeral Celebrant

Our Certified Funeral Celebrants understand the needs of grieving families and naturally establish and nurture respectful relationships with them.  Our Certified Funeral  Celebrants offer gentle and compassionate guidance in planning funerals and life celebrations and support families with all aspects of the process including: choosing appropriate music, composing life tributes (eulogies), developing video tributes, planning ceremonial events, or anything that will make that difficult day a little easier. Certified Funeral Celebrants have an in-depth understanding of the details involved in a funeral service or life celebration including the history of funeral service, the importance of the funeral service and funeral etiquette. Certified Funeral Celebrants speak in front of varied audiences with ease and in a variety of venues.  Celebrants operate from a place of love with the intention of bringing comfort to those who are grieving.

Training and Certification

Life Celebrants International, through its training workshops, certifies Funeral Celebrants to assist with developing and carrying out meaningful life celebrations and funeral services that are personalized, reflective of the life of the deceased, and appropriate and meaningful to their life circumstances.

Our training model uses theory combined with storytelling of examples of actual situations experienced by our trainers during their time in funeral service. Participants have ample opportunity to practice relationship, interview and speaking skills during the workshop. The training workshop is offered in class and online and is approved for CEUs with the Academy of Professional Funeral Service Practice and with most Canadian provincial licensing bodies. We are currently obtaining CEU approval in the United States.


The Unsung Hero

The Unsung Hero

I remember receiving the call from the funeral home that there was a family in...

About Life Celebrants International

Life Celebrants International first began as Life Celebrants of Canada, as the options for training and certifying skilled funeral officiants were extremely limited.  We understood there is more to being a Funeral Celebrant than writing a story and reading it; therefore, we developed our program also to include information about the importance of establishing and fostering relationships with families, the public, funeral homes, and funeral directors.  Life Celebrants International training includes information about grief and how it affects families as well as information on ceremony and its benefits to individuals and society in general. The Life Celebrants International program was developed to be story-based, as combining real situations along with theory are the most effective way to learn. We share stories.

The mission of Life Celebrants International is simple.  We train individuals through the sharing of theory, real life experiences and practice to become Certified Funeral Celebrants that bring comfort to families and communities and become a valued partner in the provision of funeral service.  We are love based.