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The death of a loved one is difficult and life changing. Let one of our Certified Funeral Celebrants walk with you through this journey. Our trained celebrants will help you plan the funeral, memorial or life celebration you need to bring you comfort and begin the healing process. You are always in control and we are simply with you to offer guidance with all those elements important to the service – music, poetry, religion / spirituality (as desired), life tributes (eulogies) and anything else that will make that day easier for you and your family. It all starts with a phone call or email, an open heart, an open mind, and a fresh, blank piece of paper. Let’s tell their story.


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Bozak, Gretchen

Broadribb, Carol

Cains, Beatriz

Carlton, Bob

Chambers, Erin

Chmilar, Valerie

Cox, Casey-Lee

Cox, Taylor

DeMings, Edward

Ellis-Bell, Sherri (Rev)

Gaddess, Nicole

Green, Dawn

Hamann, George Barry

Heath, William Turner

Horne, Louisa

Hoskins, Megan

Ivers, Krysta

Kennedy, Melody

Kerr, Rev. Tracy Ann

Kuhn, Barbara

Lesage, Maria

Loughlin, Rhonda

Lush, Albert

Manning, Nancy

Marchand, Bonnie

Mitzelfeld, Cassandra aka “Mitz”

Muller, Brad

Newman, Ellen

Pegg, Eleanor

Randolph, Brady

Robinson, Elie

Robinson, Kayla

Rochford, Lisa

Sakaluk, Corrie

Sorochan, Sandra

Spratt, Heather, MEd

Swan, Ms. Jodi

Turnbull, A.E. Kim