Charles, Leslie

Comfort, Support, Structure, Special Touches

Planning and preparing a memorial service requires the above essential elements. But it’s difficult to fully function when your heart is aching, your body hurts, your energy is drained and you can barely concentrate. I know firsthand, as you do, that trauma, loss and grief trigger disorientation, confusion and a sense of isolation, even when in the company of those you love. It feels impossible to manage the long list of tasks needing to be done in the middle of grief, yet most of them need completion as soon as possible.

This is where I come in, offering comfort and assistance in your time of need. My job is to shift the weight of creating a meaningful service from your shoulders to mine. I will ask for history, stories, recollections, personality descriptions from you and your family, plus relevant happy or sad times; whatever you are willing to share. This is how we will create a memorable “word portrait” of your beloved.

My skills and experience include four decades of inspirational public speaking, storytelling, writing, authorship and coaching, all delivered with empathy and gentle guidance.

I am committed to serve, support and guide you through the process of creating a precise, personalized Celebration of Life with special touches that reflect and honor the essence of your loved one. Throughout the service I will delicately weave moments and memories into the fabric of this observance, lovingly embedding them so they can be fondly remembered and cherished over time.