About Us

Our History and Mission

Life Celebrants International first began as Life Celebrants of Canada, as the options for training and certifying skilled funeral officiants were extremely limited.  We understood there is more to being a Funeral Celebrant than writing a story and reading it; therefore, we developed our program also to include instruction on how to establish and foster relationships with families, the public, funeral homes, and funeral directors.  Life Celebrants International training includes information regarding grief and how it impacts families. Life Celebrants International training includes information on the benefits of ceremony to individuals, communities and society in general. Because Funeral Celebrants are involved in sharing story, Life Celebrants International developed its program to be story-based that combines real-life situations along with relevant funeral service education to provide the most effective way to learn. We share stories, we share the love!

The Mission of Life Celebrants International is simple.  We train individuals through the sharing of theory, real-life experiences and practice to become certified Funeral Celebrants that bring comfort to families and communities and become a valued partner in the provision of funeral service.  We are love based.

Meet our Team

Todd Reinholt

Todd Reinholt

Certified Funeral Celebrant | Grief Recovery Specialist | Funeral Service Educator | Licensed Funeral Director

Todd received his funeral service education through Mount Royal University, Calgary, AB. He has served as a Licensed Funeral Director and Embalmer and in 2009, began serving families as a Certified Funeral Celebrant. He has worked with hundreds of families since then providing gentle guidance and comfort during one of the most difficult journeys of their lives. Todd then completed his certification as a Grief Recovery Specialist and in addition to his service as a Funeral Celebrant, provides individuals and groups with the tools and support necessary to work through unresolved grief.  Todd provides community and public education about grief and has spoken at universities, community groups and conferences.

Todd volunteers his time as the trainer for Life Celebrants International and has trained and certified many individuals as Funeral/Life Celebrants.  He is a past member of the Funeral Service Association of Canada (FSAC) Continuing Education Committee, Canadian Funeral Celebrant Peer Support group and volunteers his services for individuals who die alone and without family.

“I serve every individual and family from a place of love and reverence – it has never failed me.”


Thank you so much for this training! Everything about it was excellent!

The entire weekend was wonderful.  Todd has a wealth of experience, his stories – all so impactful.

Todd is an amazing facilitator!!  Very approachable, warm, open sincere and willing to answer any questions that are asked.

Your sincere and caring heart.  The heart felt stories that you shared.

Todd, I loved your stories and warm demeanor.  You made me feel comfortable and helped me to start overcoming my fear of public speaking.  I honestly just loved it!

Todd’s style of teaching as a conversation was especially helpful in the Zoom environment. I also feel very confident after a number of practice exercises and seeing what others did with the same thing.

Great job, Todd. This course was well worth its time and value.

Excellent instructor! Knowledgeable and open to all questions. Would certainly recommend this course.

This course was such a gift, providing clarity with no doubt that this is the right path for me. It has ignited a passion in me to explore more in depth learning to end of life doula and grief support.

I liked how we were all involved with homework and in-class activities.

I liked how Todd kept us engaged by using our names from time to time in examples. I liked how Todd made us feel comfortable and relaxed right away and how the group pulled together quite quickly and became a family.

I am sure relationships have been made that will continue into the future!

Thank you – I have found my calling!

It is evident this is your passion and I am grateful for the comfort you bring families suffering a death of a loved one.

The respect & gentle encouragement offered to all participants.  Thank you for a delightful, fun, engaging and significant learning weekend.

A very organized presentation & awesome facilitation.

Todd has a beautiful heart and is perfect in this role as a celebrant and facilitator.  Todd you are living out such a purposeful life!!  Thanks for giving me the opportunity to be part of it!

Todd was extremely organized, approachable and well spoken.    Thank you, Todd!  You are a great teacher and a gift!

You created such an enjoyable learning environment that was inclusive and encouraging! I really appreciated the details and depth of your training, and the confidence and resources we came away with!