Haug, Eric

After too many years in a high stress career I felt the need to take a break and find something that would allow me to continue to serve others but would also “give back” something to myself. By coincidence, I took a part time position as a funeral assistant and crematorium operator and have  found great satisfaction in offering help and support to families during a difficult time. Now a few years into my new adventure and after seeing many celebrants, clergy and funeral directors empathetically help families in this end-of-life journey I feel that this is what I was meant to do, to walk alongside a family and offer support on this most difficult journey.

I will meet with you, ready to listen with an open heart and together we will craft a beautiful and fitting tribute to your loved one. We will talk about memories and life stories, I can help with music, poetry, ceremony and spiritual choices to make this a most meaningful service. I will be there to help you tell their story and share in this celebration of life and hopefully also to bring some peace and comfort to those left to mourn.

“Endings matter, not just for the person but, perhaps even more, for the ones left behind.
–Atul Gawande