Kielly, Dorine

“Sometimes you will never know the true value of A MOMENT…
 Until it becomes a MEMORY”


Celebration events fill the heart and feed the soul.  When we celebrate with loved ones we’re essentially connecting with our humanity and tapping into the timelessness of the human spirit. 

Hi, my name is Dorine Kielly.  For the past three decades I’ve been serving the Edmonton & surrounding community through special events. 

I can help you plan a beautiful tribute Celebration to honor the story of your loved one’s life….as a Certified Funeral Celebrant, Special Event Planner & Singer/Musician. My privilege in serving your family is to ease the stress and bridge the gaps to any of the services required to plan a seamless Celebration.

Commemorating a special individual through a “Celebration of Life” essentially helps us place a mental bookmark on our human experience, creating a lasting memory that connects us to the significant people in our lives.

Together, we will create a meaningful “Celebration Moment” that will honor and forever cherish compassionately,  the story of your loved one’s life journey.

Dorine P. Kielly, CFC, WPICC, AICC,
Certified Funeral Celebrant, Special Event Planner, Singer/Musician & Auctioneer
Kielly Creative Celebrations
(780) 668-3165