Dorscht, Tannis

End of life is a journey. While there is always sadness and uncertainty in this journey; it can be peaceful with elements of joy and celebration.

The coming together of people who share a common bond in the loss that is felt when someone they love dies, provides a powerful moment of healing. Remembering and celebrating the life they led will bring comfort and peace as the journey of navigating the loss of a loved one begins.

My name is Tannis Dorscht, Certified Life Celebrant. I believe everyone has a story and everyone deserves to have their story told. I am passionate about hearing these stories and telling them in a celebration of remembrance. Following my instinctive nature to want to help people and my curiosity into what makes us all unique brought me to this path.

I am dedicated to helping you plan a fitting, customized tribute for your loved one. With your guidance I will help you plan music, poetry, readings, other elements of celebration and an agenda for the day; everything to make their Life Celebration as unique and special as they are to you.